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EH 325: Myth, Ritual and Culture: Library Resources

Greek Mythology Adaptations for Young Adults on goodreads

Searching for Criticism in Books & eBooks

When you’re searching the “Find Books and eBooks” section of don’t forget if you search for Campbell, Joseph as the author you’ll get books by him, but if you search for Campbell, Joseph as the subject, you’ll get criticism. The same thing will happen if you search for a book's title, with a title search you’ll get that book, as a subject search you’ll get criticism on it.

Helpful Internet Resources: Language/Literature

Classical Mythology


Religion - Give ProQuest Religion a try.  For example, search for Persephone and fertility.

Psychology - Give PsycARTICLES a whirl.  Try a search for Narcissus.

Literature & Language - Explore Literature Resource Center or JSTOR.

Education - Two of the education databases to explore what young adult literature is are Professional Development Collection and ProQuest Education Journals.

History - See what you can find out about historical context for Greek and Roman cultures!



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Project Gutenberg

Not finding what you need?

Don't forget about WorldCat

To get there, go to and click on “Visit Other Libraries” and click the "National/International Libraries" tab.

Once there, you can search by title, subject, or person.

Found what you want, but don't want to drive to Ohio or New York to get it?  Just send in an ILL request by going to and clicking “Use Library Services”