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Laptop Lending

Laptop Lending Policy

Who is eligible to borrow a laptop?

  • Laptops may be borrowed by Athens State University students, faculty, and staff who have a current Athens State University ID card.
  • Eligible patrons may borrow one laptop at a time.
  • Individuals with Library Holds on their accounts are ineligible to use this service.

Can I reserve a laptop ahead of time?

  • Laptops are available to borrow on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Laptops can be reserved online ahead of pickup. Laptops should be picked up within 24 hours of reserving online.

Can I take a borrowed laptop outside of Kares Library?

  • Yes!

How long can I keep the laptop?

  • 7 Days

May I install software on a borrowed laptop?

  • No. 

What happens if I don’t return a borrowed laptop on time?

  • Laptops not returned on time without an explanation will be considered lost or stolen.  The Security Office will be notified and an investigation may be initiated.

What happens if I damage a borrowed laptop?

  • Please return the laptop with an explanation of the damage. 

Who do I ask if I’m experiencing technical problems with a borrowed laptop?

  • Contact the university’s Help Desk at
  • If the Help Desk is unable to resolve the problem, return the laptop to the Information Desk for a replacement.


Athens State University is not responsible for damage to removable drives (e.g., CDs, flash drives, or mobile devices) or for loss of data.