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Services provided by Kares Library

Printing in the Library

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni may print or copy for free. 

Kares Library doesn't offer color printing. The university provides color printing for a fee through its Printing Services

Printing from your Phone or Laptop

Wireless printing is available in the library. Students and employees can print from their laptops, tablets, or phones by completing the following steps: 

1. Email the document as an attachment to

-be sure to add a subject line to the email

2. You will receive two (2) emails. One will confirm registration of your email address and include a password to use at the Student Printer. The other will confirm the document has been sent to the printer.

-Click the link in the email with the assigned password and change the password to something easier to remember. We suggest the first part of your myAthens email address for your user ID and your PIN for your password. Wait for a confirmation email about the updated password to be sent to the registered email address before heading to printer.

3. At the Student Printer, select the “Print by Xerox” app on the touchscreen.

4. When prompted, log in with the email address used to create the registration and the newly updated password.

5. Select the document, and select Print Settings. Verify all settings, then select “Print from” at the top of the “Print Settings” menu.

After you complete the initial registration, you will never have to register again. Remember your password and email address used at registration to use the service again.

If you have any questions, please stop at the Information Desk.