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The Modern Language Association (MLA) style is a widely used formatting and citation style in the humanities, especially in language, literature, and related fields. It provides guidelines for formatting manuscripts and citing sources in research papers and essays. Key components of the MLA style include:

In-text Citations: Use of parenthetical citations within the text to give credit to sources, typically consisting of the author's last name and the page number.

Works Cited Page: A list of all sources cited in the paper, alphabetically arranged by the author's last name. Each entry includes essential publication information.

Formatting: MLA style specifies guidelines for font, spacing, margins, and headers, providing a uniform and professional look to the document.

Writing Style: Encourages clear and concise writing, focusing on the author's ideas and analysis while maintaining a formal and scholarly tone.

Quotations: Specific rules for incorporating and punctuating quotations in the text, whether they are short or long quotes.

Inclusive Language: Emphasizes the use of inclusive language and gender-neutral terms, promoting sensitivity and inclusivity in academic writing.

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