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The Writing Center

Building Success Through Writing


Who we are

Our mission at the WC is simple– we’re here to support writers! The Writing Center is a safe, comfortable place where we help you grow and become more confident in your writing skills.

What we do

We are here to encourage, guide, give feedback and provide resources through every phase of the writing process. We don't "fix" papers or judge writers! Our peer tutoring model connects students who are knowledgeable in their field of study with students who are knowledgeable about writing

How it works

Our staff meet with writers one-on-one in personalized sessions for assistance with everything from brainstorming to citing. We offer tutoring sessions in person, synchronous online, and asynchronous eTutoring. So bring in your essays, your case studies, your resumes; whatever you're working on, we have something for you! We also have late night and weekend hours available. Book an appointment HERE.

Where to find us

We have a variety of opportunities for writers to meet other writers around our campus in a low stakes environment. Join us for "Study With Me Sessions," our annual Summer Writing Summit, and other events throughout the year for Back-to-School, Midterm, and Final Exam support. Check out all our offerings and event calendars HERE. 


Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Athens State Writing Center provides writing support for students and faculty of Athens State University in all disciplines at any point in the writing process. Services include collaborative peer tutoring sessions with Athens State University student  tutors to discuss clients' writing and communication projects, along with providing access to reference materials about writing and communication, as well as new media technologies. We offer tutoring sessions in-person at our center located inside the Kares library on campus, as well as online, both synchronously and asynchronously. The Writing Center operates during the day with some additional evening and weekend availability to accommodate the diverse population of the university. Our consultants provide a sounding board for peers' ideas, an audience for others' writing, and collaboration in the thinking processes related to effective college-level writing and communication. They regularly engage with students in critical conversations about their discipline, assignment topics, audiences, contexts, and genres. They pose questions to help guide students through the rhetorical processes of invention, arrangement, style, and delivery of information. They discuss revision strategies with writers during the writing process- including strategies for effective editing and proofreading.